Welcome, friend, to Think, Make, Taste (TMT for short). My name is Alyssa. I’m currently a registered dietitian nutritionist on hiatus while I do a stint in Seoul, South Korea. TMT is where I write things about food and culture, or culture and health, or health and food, or making food because cooking is grand. Or my issues (let us be real here).

In particular, I am fascinated with our relationship to food. The biggest thing that I’ve taken from my dietetics background is that food is intimately connected to most other areas of life.

It is my firm belief that to simplify well-being to food or our physical health is a disservice. Food is far more than fuel, far less than the key to perfect health, and woefully controversial. To treat our own relationship to food in a similarly narrow manner is to ignore the complexities of who we are. Yes, as a dietitian, I support that regularly eating nutritious foods has a positive effect on our physical health. But food does a lot of other things that are more important.  

This is where I sit, currently, with my own beliefs and attitudes related to these things:

  • Health is much more than our food choices, so perhaps we should not always focus on the food.

  • There are plenty of other things that affect our health that may or may not be within our control.

  • Recognize that there are a lot of health and wellness questions to which we don't have the answer, and perhaps never will.

  • There are lots of things that have nothing to do with the pursuit of health and wellness that are far more captivating, and in need of, our time and attention.

  • Food is a need, a gift, and a pleasure. We were meant to enjoy it.

Basically, TMT is me and my thoughts. I am putting a full disclaimer that only in the food and food relationship stuff am I (technically) an expert. I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Dietetics and a Master's of Science in Clinical Nutrition, and am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Anything else is my personal opinion, and I won't claim for it to be anything but.


Welcome, friend! TMT is my place of musings on food, life, culture, etc. If you stick around, bless you. If not, I understand. Really.

xx Alyssa