ABOUT THink. Make. Taste!

Dear friend! I am so happy that you have come to Think. Make. Taste!, or TMT for short. My name is Alyssa Cho, and I’m a recent grad school kid turned registered dietitian nutritionist (RD or RDN, whichever you fancy). I currently reside in Chicago, IL. I like to pretend that I’m a boss at urban living.  


TMT is a space where I celebrate a joyous relationship to food via cooking, baking (a LOT of baking), and recipe creation. In my day job, I deal with lots of science-y things related to food and nutrition. TMT is my non-science-y side (if we're getting technical though, cooking is chemistry, yes?) I also have my own GI party of celiac disease, a dairy allergy, and IBS. Thankfully, I like cooking so it's a grand adventure. What this means for you, lovely reader/soul/friend, is that if you are interested in making recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and mostly plant-based, TMT is for you! Apart from terrible cliches and my iteration of a good story, the main focus of TMT is always deliciousness. And gratitude, because I have the fortunate circumstance of access and resources to be able to inhabit this space.  


I want to be very clear as well: a gluten-free, dairy-free, veggie-centric diet is not the epitome of “healthy eating.” Rather, I can’t eat gluten- and dairy-filled things because of a medical diagnosis. I cook mostly veggie-centric food, just because that's what I like eating (no, omnivores are not nutritionally inferior, and no, I am not a morally superior being because I don't eat meat). My point, dear reader, is to let you know that even though the recipes will be void of these foods, it is not because I believe that everyone should eat this way. It is because I got tested and my doctor told me to not eat them :) 


This being said, my hope is that everything on TMT promotes the message that “healthy eating” begins with a nourishing relationship with ourselves. Health is a very tricky and complicated thing to try and understand, and to simplify it to your physical being is to ignore so much of who we are. I firmly believe that regularly eating nutritious foods has a positive effect on our overall health, but taking care of ourselves involves, well, A LOT of things outside of food and diet. Whether or not you eat gluten or meat or carbs or whatever else is questionable in the diet sphere is irrelevant.


The only “mindset” I adopt with eating is to be as intuitive and inclusive as possible, and to encourage others to do the same. I want to show that intuitive eating can still happen when having to manage a condition with diet, and to 1 million percent not reinforce diet culture and a restrictive mentality. To be able to have the time and resources to analyze or question what healthy eating looks like is a very fortunate place to be. While I enjoy nutrition science and studying how food affects the body (dietitian!), TMT is simply a place for food. For me to create TMT as a place to make and share food for the sake of enjoyment and self expression is an incredible blessing.


My hope, therefore, is that this is not wasted space. I want to positively contribute to the internet sphere, even though the message is a simplistic one and nothing new:

  • Healthy eating is SO MUCH MORE than our food choices, and we should perhaps not always focus on the nutrient content or health profile of food.
  • Eating intuitively is wonderful for our mental and physical health. Practicing self-awareness of our own food-related beliefs, habits, and attitudes that are influenced by stigma and culture is essential to an intuitive relationship with food. 
  • Recognize that there are a lot of health and wellness questions to which we don't have the answer, and perhaps never will. 
  • Life is far more exciting when you are serving, sharing, and in community with other people. There is a lot of life to be lived outside of food! 


In other words, helping people to consciously choose to simply enjoy food for the sake of it, rather than examine it from personal, sociocultural, and health perspectives, is sometimes pretty darn healthy :)




Blogs have been a wonderful resource personally, especially with re-learning how to cook after being diagnosed with celiac disease. After getting a bit more comfortable in the kitchen post-celiac meltdown, I have started sharing my (successful) food experiments with family and friends. With so much reliance on blogs in my own life, it sounded like SO MUCH FUN to become part of the sphere.


TMT is a space dedicated to celebrating food freedom. I hope to set an example of being an inclusive, joyful eater while living with medical restrictions, and to do my best to show that managing dietary modifications without the oft-attached restrictive diet mentality and stigma is entirely doable. AND I don’t feel like people will complain about another glorious cookie recipe :).


Hi! I'm making a face at the camera, not you. Apparently I think it's funny to not smile when I'm asked to, because that's no fun. As in I have my own brand of humor? Point being, I think I am funny (I'm assuming this comes out in my writing). But WELCOME to TMT!!! I am SO HAPPY you are here. Here we explore well-being through recipes, intuitive eating, & health at every size. Let's call it finding food freedom. Cheers to a fun relationship with food!