Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 went out with a YAAASSSS and that this new year of 2018 will hold some wonderful things for you. I also hope that you still have plans to eat sugar. It is tasty, I swear. 


Today is going to be a bit of a discussion on where I hope TMT is heading this year. I still like to write under the assumption that people actually read TMT, so a mini heads up (if the title hasn’t already hinted to you) that today won’t be a recipe rant.


I originally wanted to publish this before the end of the holidays, but I decided to give it a wee more thought and time so that I could maybe find the right words. And, you know, enjoy the holidays :). This is version no. 3, and hopefully accomplishes that. Point being, dear reader friends, is that when I began TMT this past October, I wasn’t sure what direction it would go. Whether it would become solely a food and recipe blog/creative outlet, or something more aligned with my professional background, was met with a kind of "hmm." These past few months, however, have answered that question. I originally wrote on TMT that I hoped it wouldn’t be wasted space. I am likewise not going to waste my education nor my convictions, and hopefully will use TMT to help people.


I have gone back and forth on whether or not to open up fully on this space and identify myself as a practicing non-diet dietitian. But people are physically and mentally suffering in our "health" culture, something that has become increasingly apparent to me as I have established life and work outside of school. Apparently, transitioning from a clinical inpatient setting to a prevention-based outpatient setting brought an epiphany that people not inside a hospital are hurting too (yep, super shocking). “Health” is such a ruined term, and getting to the root of what health actually means, and helping people to pursue that rather than a cultural ideal (that is very much not rooted in health or well-being) is something that I feel strongly compelled to do.


My main hesitation has been my own belief that I am not capable of such a leap (I mean, um, business what?) as well as my own history of being entrenched in a diet mentality. A wonderful friend and mentor said to me that our best work is in the space where we are uncomfortable, and totally applies for me here. I think this particular discomfort (of starting a non-diet nutrition gig) stems from vulnerability, because for me to want to do work in this field is to admit my own past struggles. However, what has helped me tremendously in my own process has been hearing the stories of other non-diet bloggers/practitioners/activists, and that these experiences are unashamedly the reason for which they do their work. It is the cornerstone for their practices. This has SLOWLY made me more open to the thought of sharing my own story as my impetus to work with others. And when I ask myself whether I would rather be comfortable or uncomfortable, all I can think about is how I can't not use the education I was blessed with to help people become well.  And we are all about that #authenticity, yes? (KIDDING.) 


This "moment of clarity" in realizing that I want to help people break out of dieting and a distorted perception of health, though, of course doesn't mean that I am necessarily equipped to do so. Or that I have it perfectly down (seriously, I still consider myself a baby adult). Or that I really have any idea where to start. Consequently, I have thought (and thought) and spoken to others (and thought) a lot about entering non-diet stuff as an RD. I am in the stages of learning ALL THE THINGS to do, besides constantly trying to understand technology (OY), in order to try and make such a thing happen. I am still pretty uncomfortable with the whole business thing,  so trusting God on this one. Yikes. 


Anywho! To break it down, 2018 for TMT will include:

  1. Continued recipe posts, because I love creating and sharing food, and to me this is a self-care practice that connects me to intuitive eating (more to come on this!)

  2. Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating posts, as they relate to life (aka discussions on cultivating well-being through these lenses) 

  3. TMT growing to include a private practice for people who want to live with food freedom (more to come on this too!)

  4. Me becoming more adept at social media so people actually find TMT (LOL. We shall try)


I’m not sure that this is communicating everything that I had wished to say on these things, but as I mentioned previously, I am a recovering perfectionist so WHO FREAKING CARES. I at least have this domain until September, so I have many months to continue rambling :)

In short, I am really just at the point of recognizing this passion, and am attempting to embrace it in a way that I feel led. The main thing I want to end on, and I hope that this resonates with someone, is that I love people and especially have a heart for those struggling with unhealthy food relationships and diet culture. For whatever reason, perhaps I am meant to love people by helping them pursue true well-being and self-care in these things. It is such a source of stress, pain, and sucks the joy out of life. For now, I feel compelled to more fully step into the Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating internet sphere.

I also welcome positive thoughts/prayers from whomever, because telling people that there is life outside of food and that I, the dietitian lady, want to help them stop caring about food so freaking much, isn't the most popular horn to toot, you know? So if this new TMT thing is a crash and burn, may it at least be a semi-graceful one :). And regardless whether or not TMT becomes a voice for this message in 2018 (or 2019, or ever), spreading HAES, IE, and self-care messages matters very, very much. More voices = more awareness, yes? Let us hope so. 


We’ll see how this next year goes. Cheers!